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Hello and welcome! 


I grew up by the sea in the Falmouth, Cornwall UK where I fell in love with painting as a teenager (not painting beautiful seascapes though I painted mostly women in dark expressive tones probably reflecting my moods as a teenager) and studied an art foundation at Falmouth College of Arts. 


I then took a different path, moving to Bristol to study sociology, travelling and working in social policy. 


After more than ten years without picking up a paintbrush I started taking art classes again and loved it.  As a first time mother I found serenity in the moments I spent drawing while my baby slept (in the car! it was the only place she would sleep in the day, I kept a sketchbook and pencil case in the glove compartment 😂) and began to draw every day.


I found it ridiculously hard to share my work. The first time I posted on instagram I felt so sick, but gradually got used to it and started to share and even sell some of my work.


When I gave up my job in Social Policy I hoped to be around for my daughters more and pursue a creative career. First that looked like an Etsy shop selling prints of my figurative work but I realised I wasn’t happy making detailed pieces, I longed to make more expressive work and to have more fun in the process. I tried a few different workshops/courses introducing me to expressive art making techniques which lead me to the Creative Visionary Program (CVP) which I took in 2022.


Learning to let go, to explore and play with colour and mark making brings me so much joy. I love it when people feel some of that through my work it feels like completing the circle.

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