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About the artist

Hello, I’m Helen.


Mixed media abstract artist


I love the freedom of painting intuitively, playing with paint then refining it.


I grew up by the sea and the continual movement of water seems to find its way into my paintings, as do the organic shapes and landscapes that surround me now living in the Cotswolds.


I'm influenced by what I can see around me but I'm really interested in expressing the emotions I feel through the paint.


I fell in love with painting as a child and went on to study to foundation level. I then took another path and didn’t make any paintings for many years.



After having my first child I felt compelled to start painting again, as a mother I craved the energy it gave me and the space to be myself.



I started making illustrative drawings, paintings, prints and then found that I wanted to make work that felt more spontaneous and expressive.



I started experimenting with materials particularly acrylic paint, I love the freedom it gives me to keep changing, developing and building up layers.

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